Magic, puppets, balloons and singalong tunes

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2nd or 3rd Birthday Party

Very young princesses and pirates are often a little nervous of a big, strong Pirate like Potty. No problem, this experienced kids performer will enchant them with silliness as he makes balloon models, sings some comedy nursery songs, and leads the kids in some familiar games.


Then, it's a quick break when the kids can have a drink of squash or water, and it's straight into the show. 45 minutes of laughter and fun ensues, as Potty invites the Birthday Buccaneer to help with some magic. After many mishaps, the magic finally works, and it's time to meet Marmite the Monkey.....a cheeky little pirate pal who pops out from his house whenever Potty isn't looking.


Some of the Birthday child's friends then get to help with a short magic trick, and the main show finishes with the "Pirate-Thingumy-Flag-a-Bobba-Watchcamacallit-Machine". The crew have to make a new flag for the Captain, but everything goes HORRIBLY wrong, until the Birthday Child magically makes a GIANT PIRATE FLAG!


Then it's time for tea, and Potty will make sure there are balloon models for everyone to take home, then makes an extra-special balloon for the Birthday child. He plays some pirate songs or nursery tunes, and leads the "Happy Birthday" song on the pirate guitar when the Birthday Cake comes out.


That still leaves time to either sing some familiar songs, or to meet Squawk the Parrot, who insists on singing the Birthday Song again.....and Potty's Party Finale, when all the kids win a lollipop (if appropriate), and get a pirate card from Potty. The balloon models are handed out again as the young pirates and princesses leave the party.

2 hours, tea within that time.

Caribbean Guitar Fantastic Balloons! Kids love naughty Marmite the Monkey

"Children who had previously been scared of magicians, clowns, etc, really loved your show!!" Oliver and family