Magic, puppets, balloons and singalong tunes

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4th or 5th Birthday Party

Potty starts off making balloon models for the kids. Then, it's a quick round-up of the pirates and princesses (fairies and mermaids), before some fast-paced games to give everyone a workout.


After a short break for a drink of water or squash, it's "On With the Show"! Potty likes to show off his new "sword" which seems to have a mind of it's own. Then the Birthday Buccaneer helps out with some madcap magic, which seems to be going not-so-well, until finally thanks to the help of the Birthday Kid, the magic works, and all is well! Always a perfect photo opportunity.


Then it's time to meet one of Potty's puppet could be Marmite the Monkey, Sally the Seal,Wiggles the Weasel, or one of Potty's other friends.  All Potty's puppets are guaranteed to have the kids in stitches!


A couple of kids then come up to help with some pirate magic, with lots of slapstick comedy. If they've not seen it before, the "Pirate-Thingumy-flag-a-Bobba-Watchamacallit-Machine" is a big favourite. The Captain needs a new pirate flag, but can Potty make one? After a couple of hapless attempts, the Birthday Child is again summoned to help, and of course this time a beautiful HUGE pirate flag is produced!


The show concludes with a hysterical pantomime-style routine from Squawk the Parrot (note: this routine comes after the party tea at 4-year-old parties)


During tea, Potty makes sure there are enough balloon models for all the kids to take home, then makes an extra-special big balloon model for the birthday child. He also plays some pirate songs on the Caribbean guitar, and leads the "Happy Birthday" singalong.


The party concludes with the "Pirate Funhouse" (all the kids get a lollipop), and a Pirate and Princess Cheering Competition. All the kids  get a pirate card, and the balloon models are handed back to the kids as they leave.                                                   2 hours, tea within that time

Potty with some Cheeky Monkeys The Great Cheese Game Wiggles the Weasel Sally the Seal does a Trick the Pirate-thingumy-flag-a-bobba-watchamacallit ma

"You have the rare quality of a children's entertainer who actually connects with the kids on their kept them totally entralled for the duration of the party."