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6th Birthday party

As the kids arrive, Potty the childrens performer makes balloons for the kids, then rounds up the crew for some crazy, interactive fun and games....followed by a short break for the kids to prepare for the show - at this time, they usually need a thirst-quenching drink such as squash or water.


Then it's on with the show - a comedy Introduction designed to warm the kids up nicely, then about ten minutes of magic with the Birthday Buccaneer (guaranteed to be a BIG photo opportunity), it might be a really baffling magic routine, or "Soak the Pirate", a "dangerous" swashbuckling challenge with a mug of bilge water that has a magical ending, and really gets the kids going!


Then it's  one of Potty's puppet friends - perhaps it's Stinkey Winkey the Rat, who has eaten too much cheese, and has a bad flatulence problem. (See video clips). Or Chico the Mind-Reading Monkey who gets his tail pulled off, and isn't allowed to cheat; or even the "Human Puppet" routine performed with the help of one of the dads (see video clips).


Six year-olds enjoy stronger magic, so Potty usually includes some really amazing tricks at this point.


Finally it's time for Squawk the Parrot's sketch (one of many) which ends the show, then Potty makes a special balloon model for the birthday child, and sings pirate songs during tea. The party finishes with Potty's famous "Party Finale".


All the kids win a lollipop, receive a pirate card, and their balloon models are handed back to them as they leave.

2 hours, you provide tea within that time.

ABC Gumball Recombobulator Squawk does a Rope Trick

Potty can make any show less "scary", include more or less audience participation, magic, balloons and big props. He will always tailor the entertainment to exactly your needs.

The Magic Bookworm, and a real Potty Trick!

"The adults (particularly the grand-parents), enjoyed it even more than the 6-year-olds and you left us on a huge high."

Yvonne, Tim, Olivia and James.

"A big thank you for the wonderful party. Both Galatee and Lizzy were over the moon, and Galatee insisted on doing a full re-run of the  whole party."

Magali (January 2011)