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7th Birthday

This is Potty the Pirate's favourite age group - the magic in the show is more advanced than for younger kids, and is ideal for anyone who loves to be astonished.


As the kids arrive, Potty will either make balloons for the crew, or sometimes the kids are really keen on magic, in which case Potty can show them some close-up magic, and even teach them how to do a trick or two.


Then, Potty gathers the crew, and everyone has a good old pirate work-out for ten minutes or so. After that, it's time for a quick refreshment - squash or plain water is usually fine - and the show begins.


A comedy introduction is followed by a chance for the Birthday Child to get involved, and perform incredible Pirate Magic, a BIG photo opportunity.


Chico the Monkey or Stinkey Winkey Rat will have everyone in stitches, then comes some really amazing magic, which has even the adults scratching their heads.


Squawk the Parrot's sketch follows, lots of hilarity with this cheeky puppet.


The show finishes with the astonishing "Treasure Game", which involves lots of fun and games with a £20 note Potty will borrow from you....and if you're lucky, you might just get it back! Prepare to be simply astonished by the impossibility of what happens........


During tea, Potty makes a special balloon model for the birthday child, and plays some original pirate songs, or a Caribbean medley, and the "Happy Birthday" singalong when the cake comes out.


After tea, there's usually time to play "Bandage the Buccaneer", a game that keeps the kids quiet......right up until the very last moment - when (controlled) pandemonium breaks loose!


Potty's Party Finale ends things up, the kids get a lollipop and a crew card, as well as their balloons, and you can breathe a sigh of relief as another successful party is over!


Great entertainment for older kids!


2 hours, you provide tea during that time.

Close-up magic Comedy card tricks for older kids

Potty can make any show less "scary", include more or less audience participation, magic, balloons and big props. He will always tailor the entertainment to exactly your needs.

Spotty the Rat


"The kids were really impressed (as were the adults!)

By all accounts you were "so cool!" (according to my two sons!)"

Lisa Abercromby