Magic, puppets, balloons and singalong tunes

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8th or 9th Birthday party

Potty is a favourite performer for kids of this age.


As the kids arrive, Potty will demonstrate some incredible close-up magic (or if preferred, make balloon models for the kids), then he gathers the crew and everyone joins in with a few pirate work-out games, before a short break when a drink of squash or water is usually needed.


Then, it's "On With the Show", and Potty will immediately grab the kids' attention.  After an introduction which gets ALL the kids going, the Birthday Buccaneer steps up for ten minutes of piratical mishaps, with a BIG photo opportunity.


The magic for this age group is stronger, but there's still plenty of comedy.


After that, you may see Potty's hilarious and incredible Flea Circus, featuring Mighty Nipper, the World's Strongest Flea, Stinkey Winkey Rat, or another of Potty's performing puppet pals.


If you have the nerve, you can witness the very scary "Pirate-Detector-and-Hand-Chopper-Offer", as long as there's a pirate or princess brave enough to take the Pirate Test!


Then it's back to some magic: Potty shows a few real bafflers, and for the show finale, may tell the story of "Sarah Spaghettaletta" with the help of a budding young actress from your party group. Or perhaps, "The Treasure Game", an astonishing pirate "game" that ends up with something really impossible!




Then, it's tea time, and after the kids are settled, Potty will come over and make a specail balloon model for the birthday child - kids of this age love the balloon bow and arrow (it really works), or the monkey in a tree. Potty can also play some original pirate songs, a Caribbean Medley, or other tunes. When the cake appears, he leads everyone in a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday".


After tea, it's time for "Bandage the Buccaneer", the most fun a bunch of kids can have whilst making almost no sound whatsover. Then the party finale, including Potty's "Pirate Cheering Contest". The kids get a lollipop and a postcard from Potty, and it's time to go home.

2 hours, you provide tea during that time.

Potty''s Flea Circus

Potty can make any show less "scary", include more or less audience participation, magic, balloons and big props. He will always tailor the entertainment to exactly your needs.

Pirate Detector and Arm Chopper-Offer!

"One boy went home and told his parents about every trick you did, and talked about little else for the rest of the day, and the day after....My older kids loved it too (and they are teenagers, and hard to impress!)

Gill Barwood

Stinkey Winkey Rat is a firm favourite with older kids.....

Kids of this age also love Potty's magic workshop, during which they learn to do some magic, and all get a bag of props to take home.

Magic Workshop