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Public and Outdoor Family Events

If you're planning a street party, festival, Grand Opening, Fun Day, Wedding, or any other big event, Potty's just the Pirate to have along. With many years' experience performing family and kids shows at public and charity events and festivals, Potty has something for any occasion. For international audiences, Potty can offer a magic and puppet show in French and English, as well as German, Spanish and Italian, if required (please call for further details)


PIRATES AHOY! (1 hour or 45 minutes, all ages)

Potty is a very experienced kids entertainer, and offers a fantastic family show, starting with a pirate shanty, comedy warm-up, and some hilarious yet amazing magic with one of the spectators. Then you will meet one of Potty's puppet pals - possibly Chico the Monkey, or Stinkey Winkey Rat. One of the dads in the audience will volunteer to help demonstrate the hilarious illusion "Captain Knottybeard's Amazing Seasickness Cure", or to be "The Human Puppet" - then maybe Potty will play his magical routine "How to Be a Pirate", where several apprentice pirates are put through their paces: walking, talking, and laughing like a pirate. The final test is to lift the Pirate Treasure Chest.....with a surprisingly magical effect. Then it's time to meet ventriolquist puppet Squawk the Parrot, and finally Potty will play "The Treasure Game" (really an amazing magic trick), demonstrate the incredible "Acme Treasure Polisher" (a beautiful magic prop), his new "Mobile Phone Booster", or the "Shoe Cleaning And Mending" machine (magic trick with a stinkey shoe!)....all being ways to have lots of magical fun with stuff borrowed from the spectators!

Potty's walkabout repertoire includes incredible close-up magic, the authentic sound of the Caribbean from Potty's pirate guitar, and of course lots and lots of beautiful balloons. Just imagine your event awash with swirls of colour from dozens of beautiful balloon hats, costumes, and animals.


Sometimes, Squawk the Parrot sits on Potty's arm and gives the game away!.... this naughty puppet will have the kids in stitches!....your entertainment needs are sewn up!


Previous clients include Brittany Ferries, Brighton Marina, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Ricardo UK, Borde Hill Gardens, Hilton Hotels, Emsworth Food Festival, Horsham District Council, Winchester City Council, Havant Council, Brighton City Council, Brighton and Hove Albion football club, Salvation Army, SASBAH, dozens of junior schools, pre-schools and infant schools, and many more.


Potty offers two fabulous Flea Circuses, perfect for family events

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Potty''s Flea Circus magic show tradional flea circus show

"I can't remember the last time I laughed so much!"


"Many, many thanks for making our holiday."

The Bethell and Jenkins Family