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CAPTAIN SAYS   similar to the old favourite "Simon Says", but with a piratical twist.


PIRATE STATUES pirates and princesses have to freeze when the enemy approaches.....


SUPERMAN  A lot of pirates think they're Superman, this fun action game gives everyone a workout!


THE DAY I WENT TO SEA The kids learn a Pirate Action Song as Potty plays the pirate guitar.


SLEEPING PIRATES Similar to "Sleeping Lions", but much more fun!


MAGIC TREASURE HUNT   No Pirate Party would be complete without a Treasure Hunt, and Potty's unique version of "Pirate Ship" ends with the kids making REAL treasure out of thin air!


BANDAGE THE BUCCANEER  some of Potty's crew need help to bandage their wounds......luckily their friends willingly assist in this hilarious, slapstick game!


DANCING PIRATES The crew take turns to come up with some cool pirate moves!


WALK THE PLANK Lots of fun trying to carry a Pile of Pirate Booty across the plank!


PIRATE PINATAS Potty can supply Treasure Chest Pinatas, Parrot Pinatas, and Pirate Pinatas for a few extra doubloons.

Brighton childrens entertainer Potty the Pirate has some great Pirate Party Games, for kids birthday parties and other childrens events. There is something for kids of all ages:

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