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What's the difference between a kids' disco and any other disco? The answer is simple - kids get easily bored if they just have music playing, and there is no structure to the disco. Potty the Pirate knows heaps of fun disco dances like "Macarena", "Charlie Brown", "Cha Cha Slide", and of course the old favourites "Hokey Cokey" and "The Conga", to name but a few.

In addition, Potty has lots of fun dancing games that keep the kids involved and interacting.

And of course, Potty makes sure he has all the latest tunes that the kids love, as well as heaps of the old classics!

For a kids' disco, Potty can make fun balloon "disco hats" at the same time!

Potty the Pirate has many years of experience working aboard some of the World's finest cruise ships. You can be sure he has the expertise and ability to offer the very BEST in interactive kids' discos. so for your children's party or family event, call Potty the Pirate Magical Entertainer to discuss your needs.


Please note: Due to health and safety and inclusiveness reasons, Potty no longer offers children's discos with bubble machines or disco lights.

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