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Whether you're on a budget, are planning a small party at home, or just don't really need the extravagance of Potty's standard parties, you can still indulge your kids and yourselves in all the fun and of a Potty the Pirate Party.

Potty's "Mini Party" is available for up to 15 kids, for larger numbers please enquire. More informal than his regular  party, the show is similar to the "traditional" magic shows offered by other kids entertainers - but of course, with Potty's unique routines and hilarious puppets. Potty brings along a 45 minute show, but in a briefcase instead of flight cases. That's not to say the show won't amaze and amuse everyone - with Chico the Monkey, lots of fun with Dad as the Human Pirate Puppet, and astonishing magic tailored for your audience. Also, you'll have songs with the pirate guitar, and Potty's Fantastic Balloon models, or close-up magic for older kids.

Rely on Potty's experience to provide all the entertainment you need at your party. Potty will provide 90 minutes of non-stop fun! You're encouraged to organise the games yourself, and Potty is happy to offer suggestions for your group. But if you're struggling, add 30 minutes of games for an additional £20.




Great games for pirate parties are: Treasure Hunts (can be adapted for ALL ages - from 2 years upwards, and for mixed age groups of all kinds)., Pass the Pirate Sack (Pass the Parcel with your take on a "Pirate Sack" for wrappings),

Pirate Statues (Musical Statues, as a Test of a Pirate's Ability to Freeze in the Presence of Imminent Danger), Pinatas (You can find Treasure chests, Parrots, Pirates and loads more. No blindfolds for under-7s, and let them have a few whacks each time), "Bandage the Buccaneer" (7 years +, also known as "Mummy Wrap") - the kids are divided into teams, and must wrap one "injured pirate" in bandages (toilet paper). Buy the cheapest available for the most fun. Prizes for the Best Bandaged Buccaneer and his team, "Walk the Plank" A raised plank of STURDY wood, the kids have to walk along it. Make it more difficult by giving them something to hold - a plate with a (cannon) ball on it, etc.