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Pirates of the Caribbean

Potty the Pirate is one of the UKs leading childrens performers and family entertainers. Any of Potty's parties can be a "Pirates of the Caribbean" party, though Potty the Pirate is no Johnny Depp, and should not be confused with the Disney movie spetacular "Pirates of the Caribbean".


Potty is simply a pirate who spent many years in the Caribbean. So it's easy for him to add an extra dash of a Caribbean flavour.....especially with his authentic Caribbean guitar, or "Cuatro".


Most kids and adults love Calypso songs like the "Banana Boat Song", "Coconut Woman", "Jamaica Farewell", "Island in the Sun", "I Had a Little Monkey", and "Yellow Bird". Potty also plays many other songs, including his own "Yo Ho Ahoy!", and "The Treasure Hunt Song". Also hear "A Pirate Bold", "The Day I Went to Sea", "Puff the Magic Dragon", and lots more.


If you really want the best Caribbean magic, Potty's close-up repertoire includes some great stuff like "Blackbeard's Treasure" (mentalism with Pirate Treasure), "Caribbean Santero Voodoo" (more mentalism with a monkey's paw and a shrunken head), and more. For family shows with not so many younger kids, Potty has a great mentalism routine with a Caribbean Treasure Chest, which involves several audience members. Very funny, and totally astonishing!


If you specifically want a Pirates of the Caribbean theme, let Potty know and he'll work out the best Caribbean show for your event.

Potty in Jamaica c 1990

Potty relaxes in Jamaica

c 1990