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· Big choice of the cutest, funniest, and CHEEKIEST hand and ventriloquist puppets

· Hilarious original routines

· Puppet routines that appeal to ALL ages

· A wonderful change of pace in any magic show

· Graduate of the Maher School of Ventriloquism

· Perfect for party shows or walkabout performance

· Great puppet routines for older kids – Stinkey Winkey Rat, the “Human Puppet”, “Timmy Toilet Paper”, and “Chico the Monkey”

· Puppets from the leading World suppliers

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Potty the PIrate is a graduate of the Maher school of ventriloquism

Potty the Pirate is a graduate of the Maher School of Ventriloquism

Potty the PIrate with Squawk the parrot Castle cornet guernsey 2016 Say hi to Di the Dragon Potty the pirate demonstrates the puppet mask Castle Cornet Guernsey 2016 Sally the Seal puppet Top of page

Puppeteer and ventriloquist in Brighton Potty the Pirate has a large selection of cheeky friends for your childrens party or event. Marmite the monkey is a cute little puppet who loves to misbehave when Potty's not looking....Chico the Monkey is another pal who can do great tricks, and is a favourite with all ages.


Also meet Di the Baby Dragon, a very silly but adorable puppet, Stinkey Winkey the flatulent rat - Potty's smelliest puppet pal, and a HUGE favourite kids puppet with older kids (surprise, surprise!), Sally the seal puppet - a cute puppet for the young ones, and Squawk the parrot puppet, who is the naughtiest of them all! Puppet shows from the leading childrens entertainer in Sussex. See some of Potty's puppets in action on his video page.

"Thanks for a brilliant party. The kids and the adults loved Stinkey Winkey Rat. It was the funniest thing I've seen ever!" (Helen, Portslade)

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There are several more ventriloquist puppets and hand puppets aboad Potty's pirate ship: several other monkey puppets, a frog puppet, dog puppet,Pirate captain dinosaur puppet and dragon puppet, a rabbit puppet, weasel puppet, snake puppet, ventriloquist dummies, and the amazing animatronics puppet Chewey the piano-playing chimp!  The most original puppet shows for kids sussex, Enquire for more details.

Potty and Squawkat Meridian Shopping Centre 2016 2017 Ciaran McCrickard Photography 2017 Ciaran McCrickard Photography