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Potty the pirate is an experienced childrens performer, and has several different school shows....If you want a show for all ages, Potty can provide that too...

PRESCHOOLS 2-5 yrs: Every year, Potty attends many preschool parties, Teddy-Bears' Picnics, and events for the under-5s. As well as making lots of beautiful balloon models, Potty can provide a static show, with comedy, puppets, pirate songs, LOTS of magic....and plenty of audience participation.

A 45-minute show might include: comedy introduction, 2 magic routines with the help of some kids, Marmite the Monkey, and Squawk the Parrot's sketch. 1 hour show also available.

KEYSTAGE 1    5-7 yrs: This age group still love a lot of silliness, but they like cool magic too! A typical 1 hour show might include: comedy intro, a BIG magic routine with one or more kids helping, Chico the Mind-Reading Monkey, "How to Be a Pirate" - lots of fun as four volunteers try to walk, talk, and laugh like a pirate.....and the final (magical) test, is to see who can lift the Pirate Treasure Chest. Squawk the Parrot's sketch, and finally one last amazing bit of magic to end off the show!

KEYSTAGE 2     7-11 yrs: For older kids, Potty includes stronger magic. Still lots of comedy, but less silliness. A 1-hour show might include: comedy warm-up, a great, magical routine with one or two kids to help, Potty's Flea Circus (witness the amazing feats of "Mitey Nipper", the World's Strongest Flea), Potty's astonishing "Treasure Game", and Squawk the Parrot's hilarious sketch.

JUST FOR FUN! School shows that don't try to be educational:


Magic and puppet shows with a message:

Arithmetrix Maths Show

Reading Show

Fire Safety Show

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"...thank you for being so fliexible on the day, and well done for a superb show, we have received extremely good feedback."   C Anderson, Chair Sompting Abbott's Parents' Association June 2009